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Jumat, 06 April 2012

Lirik Lagu SULE - BABY SMILE YOU DON'T CRY (lyric)

Untuk anda penggemar OVJ atau PAS MANTAB, pasti akrab dengan lagu "Baby Smile, You Don't Cry" yang sering dinyanyikan Sule dan Andre. 
Nah ini dia lirik lagu Sule ft Andre SMILE, YOU DON'T CRY lyric :

You want to say goodbye
I want to holiday
I give you put capcai
after dont cry

Try to look at the sky
Nothing to fuyonghai
I want to you cingcay
dont finish I ngacai
I want you and me always together
Always together I want you and me
you dont running ning and the cry

Oh you... i don't lied my heart
Nothing the wind of change
Because I love so
Ho... My love. ho my darling
i never stop it on you maybe
Because do I love you...
Smile you dont cry
Ho... Smile you dont cry

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